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Our most popular sticker was by far the 60mm sticker. Good for indoor and outdoor use. They are made of glossy paper and are quite durable. They don't fade in the sun and, more importantly for this time of the year, they don't easily dissolve in the rain either. They tend to just stick around...

The smaller stickers are good for passports (outside cover, don't stick them inside), mobile phones etc.

The large vinyl stickers are very durable and good on your car (they peel off). Also good on your wheely bin to regularly leave out in the street.

Just arrived: EXTRA LARGE!!! If you see any Brexit Party election sign, correct its spiteful message with an extra large sticker!

Please get in touch for other quantities or any other enquiry.

200 Stickers £ 9.00


200 x 60mm paper stickers + free 100mm vinyl sticker and 12 small 35mm stickers.

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500 Stickers £ 18.00


500 x 60mm paper stickers + free 3 x 100mm vinyl sticker and 24 small 35mm stickers.

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Small Assorted Sticker Pack £ 7.50
available both EU and UK

ca 130 x 60mm paper stickers, 5 x 100mm vinyl stickers and 24 small 35mm stickers. (Must be under 100g for postage to be reasonable.)

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Extra Large Stickers special offer £ 9.50

20 x 200mm paper stickers.
Free 100mm vinyl sticker, 12 small 35mm stickers and 20 x 60mm stickers!

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