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48 Million did NOT vote for Brexit - Democracy or Mob Rule?

The people have spoken. 17 million voted for Brexit, 48 million did not.



The Leave Campaign; You know what they did. They know what they did. Immoral and cynical does not begin to cover it. Shame on them. NOT OK.

The Remain campaign; Led by David Cameron after years of Euro bashing in order to appease the "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists" in control of the Tory party. He was unable to make a positive case for the EU. No wonder 14 million were not persuaded to vote either way.

The Voiceless: Those with the most to lose had no say at all. Children and young people now coming of age. Plus, of course, EU nationals, even those resident for decades, had no say. (Interestingly both 16 year olds and EU nationals got a vote in the Scottish referendum.)

The fate of a nation of 65 million people is sealed by 17 million. Is it democracy or mob rule? Go Figure.

On behalf of the  48 million we say - Bollox to Brexit !




ELECTION UPDATE - The Tide is Turning !

9th June, 2017

Following the "Brexit" Election result on June 8th, there is NO Mandate, NO Authority and NO plan. The Brexiteers have already reduced the United Kingdom to a chaotic, paralysed shambles and an international laughing stock. And the party has not even started yet. But support for Brexit is melting away faster than Theresa May's majority. Throughout the unpredictable, unfolding events we must keep up the pressure on polticians and public opinion with  VISIBLE protest.


9th July, 2018


Boris resigns saying "the Brexit dream is over". The 48 million agree with him because we can all see the dream is an undeliverable nightmare.



November 10th, 2018

Now another Johnson brother resigns from cabinet as the Tory governemnt descends into  Brexit chaos. After 2.5 years negotiation, Theresa May presents the country with a choice between shooting ourselves in the foot with a bad deal, to avoid shooting ourselves in the head with No Deal. We are not having it. The People must take back control with another vote. Bollox to Brexit!

Click on the Stickers page to claim your starter pack and join the  protest today.

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