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We are back!
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You may have noticed that it had been a bit quiet on this page recently. We had originally targeted to run this for 2 years and then kept running it for a bit longer. We eventually stopped doing it. With a recent change in the office of the Prime Minister (cynics say a robot has been replaced by an unskilled worker), we decided to give it a last push. We are fully aware that this might be anything from fairly short to quite long. Even if we crash out of the EU soon, you can still voice your opinion with a - let's say - Bollox to Brexit sticker.

So please support us: Order your stickers from the Stickers menu and make a statement. We have no financial backing. The sale of the stickers needs to pay for our admin (mainly web page). We do not make a profit. Any funds that we have at the end of the campaign (if any) will be donated to the Jo Cox foundation.

We are not affiliated with any political group or party. We think that staying in the European Union is best for our country. There are many reasons for this and we will try to collate some on a separate page if time allows. Any form of Brexit makes us worse off. The government's own figures show this. We will work with any group that shares this view.

StickAware: Please stick responsibly!

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