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It had originally been anticipated to run this for two years. We kept it running for longer but had let it run out a few months ago. However, recent events have let us decide to restart it.

Our most popular sticker was by far the 60mm paper sticker. They will be back soon. Please bear with us while they are being printed - this takes a few days.

We will add a few of our remaining 35mm and 100mm stickers for free while stock our lasts.

500 Stickers £20 - coming soon


500 x 60mm paper stickers. 

Ideal for organised protests, demos etc.

Support  Bollox to Brexit

This project has no financial backing. It is entirely fundend by the sale of the stickers. Any excess funds at the end of the project, if any, will be donated to the Jo Cox foundation.

100mm vinyl stickers (currently not available)

Durable & Weatherproof. Suitable for vehicles and outdoor exposure.

35mm paper stickers (currently not available)

Stick them on mobiles, passports wallets etc... - Currently

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