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Free Stickers

Stickers are FREE with a 50p contribution to postage costs processed securely through paypal.



100mm Vinyl sticker plus 10x 35mm stickers

FREE with £0.50 postage charge.*

(*To avoid 50p charge you can Like us on Facebook and send an IM with your address)

500 Stickers £20


500 x 60mm paper stickers. 

Ideal for organised protests, demos etc.

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Support  Bollox to Brexit
Buy more stickers to multiply the impact.
We are self funded with no financial backing and need to generate enough cash to keep sending out free stickers. You can help keep the campaign going and multiply its effectiveness by securely purchasing stickers. ALL funds received will be used to distribute more stickers. In case of any excess funds on campaign wind up these will be donated to the Jo Cox foundation.

50 Stickers £5

 10 x 100mm vinyl

 40 x 35mm paper

100 stickers - £10

30 x 100mm vinyl

70 x 35mm paper

100mm vinyl stickers - Durable & Weatherproof. Suitable for vehicles and outdoor exposure.

35mm paper stickers - Stick them on mobiles, passports wallets etc...

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