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Bollox to Brexit is a not for profit organisation aiming to subvert the Brexit agenda on behalf of the 48 million UK residents who did NOT vote for the biggest cock-up in British history since 1066.

We support all campaigns, protest groups and political parties in favour of maintaining EU membership.


Through mass distribution of the provocative Bollox to Brexit logo, we aim to channel the anger of the silent majority into a recognisable protest movement. By undermining the idealogues and xenophobes intent on destroying the United Kingdom and European Union, our goal is to win overwhelming public opinion in favour of continued EU membership thereby forcing a second referendum.

Bollox to Brexit stickers provide a visible symbol of protest and resitance to help shift public opinion against Brexit.    

Click on the STICKERS page to get your free stickers to display on your vehicle, house, business premises, or anywhere, and start  protesting today.                      







35mm paper stickers. Use on your mobile, passport, wallet etc. etc.

60mm paper stickers. Available in bulk packs  ideal for organised protest events, marches etc.

100mm vinyl plastic stickers. Tough & durable for outdoor use, bumper stickers etc...

even better, post your Bollox to Brexit stickers to boost the campaign.
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